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Codex of rights and obligations of the Youth Network B&H members

Toward the network and vise versa If you agree with what is mentioned click here to download and fill out application form
(word 45kb) Which you will send to one of the addresses mentioned in the questionnaire. Member of the youth network B&H can be any young persons, youth organization or other NGO dealing with young people, which fulfills following term

- That it is not a political party or a youth division of any political party in B&H, whether they are position or in opposition

- Individual as a network members, can be member of any political party, but in side of the network activities he can't promote its opinions or interests

- That with his/her actions he is contributing to development of democratic values and strengthening of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and struggle for better position of young people through different activities

- To respect human right of every human being and citizen and promote tolerance among people, regardless of gender, nationality, religion or race as well as political beliefs

- That with his public appearances or activities is not compromising mission and goals of the Youth Network B&H, in any way

- To be prepared to invest his strengths and abilities in the development and network progress, and thus in their organization

- To be prepared on cooperation and exchange of information with other organizations and individuals inside network, offering suggestions, propositions and ideas for improvement of mutual activities.

- If any organization, individual member of the network asks for help, support initiative will be started, which can be campaign or petition to local, entity or state government and institutions, organizing public announcements and other means of support.

- To accept and respect regulations of this codex

Members of the Youth Network B&H, individuals or organization ceased to be when:

- When organization cease to exist

- When aims of the organization, network members, cease to be in harmony with the goals, mission and codex of the Youth Network B&H

- Members of the network through public voting are deciding on the termination of membership in the youth network B&H from previous article,

- Voluntary withdrawal of the individual or organization via written form.


If you agree with all above, click here to download and fill out application form (word 45kb)
Which you will send to one of the addresses mentioned in the questionnaire.





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