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As a part of the project hCa Youth Network Bosnia and Herzegovina we have organized three workshops from strategic planning Youth Network B&H.
First one was in Kulasi (Prnjavor) July 1999; second one in Laktasi September 2000 and third one in Zlaca (Tuzla), June 2002.
Around 60 members of youth organizations from B&H have participated at these workshops. Result was a strategic plan of work and development of the hCa youth network in next period.

First workshop of strategic planning or the network development contained work on activity planning, needs and overcoming current problems. Mostly work was done on following:
- What are we going to do in first year to put our strategic platform in to practice and thus fasten realization of our mutual practical visions?
- What obstacles we can find during the achievement of our visions?
- How are we going to look on misunderstandings and obstacles between current reality and visions in the next three years?
- What do we wish to see from the hCa youth network in the next three years?

Second workshop of the strategic planning has lead us to following directions:
- Continuous work on education of youth organizations/members of the network
- Organizing public rallies (youth encounters, conferences, theater and music festival, etc.)
- Improving information exchange and communication between young people (Internet, e-mail and similar)
- Developing relations with the public 9campaigns, web page, media promotions etc.)
- Interactive support to the youth organizations/members of the network (establishing support teams)
- Establishing and the development of the coordinating network structure (establishing and strengthening of the coordination board)
- Cooperation with political structures in local community (education, public tribunes, support letters)
- Network improvement (TNT youth magazine, monthly informative bulletin)
- Analyzing current resources in network (data base, analysis and researches)
- Regular planning and network evaluation (evaluation, creating action plans)

On the third strategic planning workshop there were changes in the name and thus far structure of the hCa youth network. Name has been changed in to YOUTH NETWORK OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.

Beside the name change it has been decided that Youth network will no longer have a coordinating board which was representing organizations by regions, but instead network structure will be made by program area which will contribute to the network development as well as activity in the network.

Program areas defined on strategic planning, which have been shown during the evaluation as most interesting and mostly represented in the work of the youth organizations are:

1. Non formal education,
2. Culture,
3. Protection of life environment
4. HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention,
5. Human and child rights,
6. Psycho social work and working with children with special needs

hCa Nanja Luka and Tuzla will serve as logistical support to the development of these program areas, hCa Banja Luka will be responsible for the support of three program areas (HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention, human and child rights and Psycho social work and working with children with special needs), and hCa Tuzla for other three (non-formal education, culture, protection of life environment)

All three workshops were led by Mladen Majetic (ZAMIR, Zagreb)




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