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During 2000 – 2002 we have organized five workshop on journalism in Doboj (May 2000), Sipovo (December 2000), Borja (June 2001), Vitez (October 2002) and Teslic (December 2002).
First workshop was dedicated to the basics of journalism (covering, reporting, article on the given theme, look of the final text and other important particulars).

During second workshop young people with interest in writing and working in youth magazines had a chance to learn more about technical side of news editing.
During third workshop was directed on practical work with interested members of youth organization wishing to improve their work in local community through efficient media presentation, and how to seek information and from whom from public life take for associate, how to develop topic for news article. In addition they have worked on technical news editing.
On fourth and fifth participants had the opportunity to learn how to best present themselves, their activities, how to write public statement, organize a press conference, prepare informative material for media.
Trainers and lecturers on these workshops were: PhD Nail Kurtic (professor at philosophy faculty Tuzla); Aleksandar Trifunovic (magazine BUKA); Nenad Ponjevic (magazine BUKA); Aleksandar Zivanovic (Free Europe, Reuters) and Dragana Dardic (Free Europe, Reuters).
Around 100 people members of youth organizations and youth division of political parties participated at these workshops.


In period from 2000/2002 we have organized four workshops on writing project proposals and fundraising in Zenica (March 2000), Teslic (October 2000), Laktasi (September 2001) and Borje (August 2002).
Around 80 members of youth organizations from B&H have participated on these workshops, through these workshops they have acquired basic knowledge on writing project propositions, finding out the need of the local community and contacts with donors.

Also they had the opportunity to work on concrete projects and gain information about donors, foundations and organizations which re working on similar things, as well as different ways of fundraising. What is most important is that from these workshops came out some projects and cooperation’s.
After workshops, three follow up meetings were organized for participants in Doboj (May), Banja Luka (December) and Maglaj (October 2002), on which they have improved project proposals of their organizations on which they have worked after workshops and had the opportunity to ask additional questions.

Trainers on these workshops were: Mlade Majetic (ZAMIR, Zagreb) and Ilija Trninic (Youth center Kastel, Banja Luka).


As a part of the project Youth Network B&H we have organized one time workshop on advocacy (Teslic, December 2002).
During this workshop young people from youth NGOs as well as from political parties had the opportunity to learn how to lobby for their ideas, activities, needs or project. Ways hot to best do it and use resources.
They had the opportunity how in the best way to perform their projects and activities and to influence on the changes in society, how to gather allies for their activities and how to overcome obstacles.
Trainer of this workshop was Jan Zlatan Kulenovic (Youth informative agency B&H).



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