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As a part of the project hCa youth network B&H we have organized five youth meetings, we have started with just one…

First after war meeting with young people from whole B&H took place in Laktasi near Banja Luka from 17th till 19th October 1997. 60 representatives of youth organizations from RS and Federation B&H participated, following cities were represented: Banja Luka, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Bijeljina, Travnik, Doboj, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Mrkonjic Grad, Bihac, Modrica, Mostar, Prijedor and Velika Kladusa. Guests from international hCa network were also present.
At these meetings we have officially established hCa B&H youth network, which has started informally at the beginning of 1997, when Miralem Tursinovic (hCa Tuzla) and Aleksandra Petric (hCa Banja Luka) have made first meaningful contacts and encounters with youth organizations and young people from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Official part of the meeting had two workshops. First one named “How to write successful project proposal” and the second one “overcoming differences between young people in B&H”.
One of the propositions with a big chance to succeed is a project newspaper of the youth network. Participants have agreed that mutual newspaper is one of the activities which would connect young people from RS and Federation B&H. Through the newspaper young people could easily acquire information about the network activities and find out what is going on in Banja Luka, Tuzla, Prijedor, Sarajevo, Doboj etc.

Second youth encounters/festival of the hCa youth network B&H, took place in Tuzla from 20th till 22nd February 1998. At these encounters 75 representatives of youth organizations from RS and Federation B&H participated, following cities were represented: Tuzla, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Bijeljina, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Modrica, Mostar, Mrkonjic Grad, Zenica, Prijedor, Travnik, Teslic, Velika Kladusa, Ribnik, Bihac and Laktasi. At this meeting were also representatives of international hCa youth network from Prague/Chez Republic and youth division of interchurch peace council (ABC-IKV) from Netherlands.
As representatives of youth organizations and unions from ex-Yugoslav countries, at this second meeting were also present representatives of EYAS Belgrade, SRJ, POSTPESIMISTA from Belgrade and Pristina, Independent student union of Kosovo Pristina, Democratic Serbian Youth from Subotica, representative of the youth department of the Serbian peoples council from Zagreb and representatives of the MOST-SCI from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
These second encounters of the hCa youth network B&H have tried to go step further in connecting youth organizations and improving their work and cooperation. From the first encounters in Laktasi, hCa youth network B&H gained new members, representatives of youth organizations from Zenica, Ribnik, Gornji Vakuf/Uskolje, Teslic, Laktasi and Banja Luka, which will contribute to improvement of the network activities and expanding contacts between youth organizations in RS and Federation B&H.
At the meeting we have presented first edition of the youth magazine named TNT (this is not you but it could be) realized by young people from the youth organizations members of the youth network.
At the encounter we have organized three workshops:
1. Work in journalism and media (how to write an article, how to promote your work in media, etc.)
2. Fundraising (how to write a project, how to behave with donors, building capacities of youth organizations, brief course on e-mail, internet, etc.)
3. Rights of young people from minority groups in B&H (two topics: “Minority youth rights in B&H” and “Minority rights in B&H”)

Third youth encounters/festival of the hCa youth network B&H took place in Teslic, from 15th till 18th October 1998. 80 representatives of youth organizations of the hCa youth network participated, as well as representatives of 10 organizations from former Yugoslav republics, and guest from the international hCa youth network. Co-Organizers of these youth encounters was organization “Youth organization” Teslic.
Work title of these encounters was “Young people and Democracy”. Four workshops were organized:
1. “Students in B&H – Democratization of universities”. Students have nor ights to influence on university system. One of reasons is lack of independent student organizations. Aim of this workshop was to encourage young people and offer their solutions for this problem.
2. “Democracy in your organization”. This workshop was a practical training about establishing and leading open and democratic youth organizations and decision making process.
3. “Media and democracy”. At this workshop we have analyses media in B&H, it has been discussed about media usage for promotion of your own organization.
4. “Democracy in B&H”. At this workshop we have analyzed elections of 1998 and participation of young people in the election process aiming to encourage speaking about the relations of young people and politics in regard to social changes.

hCa youth network B&H in cooperation with Center for culture Mostar, Music Center “Pavarotti” and Peoples Theatre Mostar has organized fourth youth encounters in Mostar from 1st till 4th April 1999.
Unlike previous ones, these encounters had a festival character. Name of the festival was Spring Culture Festival hCa youth network B&H “Bridges of friendship 99” Mostar. Around 90 young people from Banja Luka, Banovici, Bihac, Bijeljina, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Gradiska, Konjic, Laktasi, Lipnica, Livno, Ljubace near Tuzla, Modrica, Mostar, Mrkonjic Grad, Prijedor, Ribnik, Rudo, Sarajevo, Foca, Teslic, Travnik, Tuzla, Visegrad, Zenica and other countries (SR Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia and some EU countries) have participated.
During four days of festival, citizens of Mostar had the opportunity to see interesting culture content. During the festival two press conferences have been organized.
If you were in the Mostar during that time you could have seen: “Blue color of snow” – child show, psychosocial center for children and youth; Opening of the exhibition “SANUS” Prijedor “Drugs in world – drug abuse”, Performance of DRAFT Theatre Tuzla “The knight in ZOROpuc”, concert of unplugged music “Kastel” Banja Luka, “All Star” Banja Luka, dance group Konjic; avangard multimedia exhibition “ALTERRA” Banja Luka; “Some like it more stupid” – love comedy “Krug” Ribnik; “Creation of the world” All star Banja Luka; rock concert “Bad time” Banovici, “Segment” Tuzla, dance group “No limit” Banovici.

Fifth youth encounters/conference of the hCa youth network B&H took place in Travnik from 26th February till 2nd March 2001.
60 young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of youth organizations and youth divisions of political parties from RS and Federation B&H along with 6 youth activists from neighboring countries have participated.
Topics of this encounters/conference were:
1. ELECTION 2000 – experiences of young people in B&H and neighboring countries
In year 2000 we had elections (local and general) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and SR Yugoslavia. Many NGOs have organized campaigns and other activities, it is needed to say that some of the women organizations have lobbied for greater number of women in authorities. With this topic we want to encourage discussion about how much have young people gained on the elections and together create a strategy for youth actions which will lead to the increase of young people in decision making structures.
2. Cooperation of young people from NGOs with young people from political parties
In the last five years there was a sudden increase in the number of youth NGOs in B&H. At the same time political parties have established youth divisions. What are mutual interest’s levels of cooperation which young people from NGO sector and young people from political parties have or can achieve in order to mutually gain survival of young people in this region?
3. Media and propaganda
Media are very powerful weapon in the creation of public opinion. Large numbers of reporters are young people, and great deals of organizations in region have started radio programs or are issuing their magazines. It is our intention to encourage exchange of positive/negative experiences and discussions on how young people through media can advocate changes for better status of young people in society.
Work during this encounter/conference will be consistent of sessions and workshops. During conference evening hours will be reserved for the presentation of all interested participants and organizations.




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