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“Media and promotion of youth organizations”
BRCKO, 19 th till 26 th September 1999

Summer hCa Youth network B&H School took place in Brcko from 19 th till 26 th September 1999. This school named “Media and promotion of youth organizations” and 35 representatives of youth organizations participated at it, all of them are members of hCa Youth Network B&H. Participants were from following cities: Yenica, Banja Luka, Tuzla, East Sarajevo, Banovici, Prijedor, Kakanj, Koyarska Dubica, Mostar, Teslic, Gornjeg Vakufa/Uskoplje, MOdrica, Livno and Srpac. Beside participant from these cities, representatives of the host organization participated as well. Organization of Croatian youth municipality Ravne-Brcko, they have recently become members of hCa Youth Network B&H. At the school also participated representative of the student union Serbia and student union of philosophy faculty in Nis, Serbia. Representatives of the Association for Democratic Prosperity “ZID” Podgorica, Center for Peace studies Zagreb and Center for peace and nonviolence from Osijek, they are the publishers of the youth magazine “BUREK”, and they have been invited to participate in this school, unfortunately they had to cancel their participation because of the other obligations.

Unlike previous youth meetings and spring culture festival organized by hCa youth network B&H in the last two years, this school had educative character and its goal was to provide as much information as possible about usage of media for promotion of youth work in this region.

As a part of this school we have organized three educative workshops: “Internet and e-mail (usage of internet and e-mail for promotion, creating web presentation, etc.), “Radio and journalist workshop” (how to efficiently use media, making public announcements, advertising, media statements), “TV workshop” (behaving in front of the TV cameras – how to present the project, how to efficiently contact media, etc.)

Last day of school, we have organized a workshop on which to the participants was presented strategic plan of the hCa youth network B&H for the period 2000-2003, which emerged as a result of the strategic workshop in Kulasi near Prijedor in July 1999.

During the evening activities of the school we had presentations of the youth organizations who have participated in the school work. Also, we have organized a visit to the school participants to the “organization of Croatian youth” municipality Ravne-Brcko, in Gornji Zovik.


“Internet – Ecology - Campaigns”
TUZLA, 21 st till 28 th September 2000

Second summer hCa Youth Network B&H School took place in Tuzla, from 21 st till 28 th September 2000. School was named “Internet – Ecology – Campaigns”, 44 participant's representatives of the youth organizations and groups members of hCa Youth Network B&H. Participants were from following cities: Banovici, Banja Luka, Bihac, Bijeljina, Bosanska Krupa, Brcko, Kakanj, Konjic, Kozarska Dubica, Livno, Ljubace, Modrica, Odzak, Rudo, Srbac, Gorazde, East Sarajevo, Teslic, Zavidovici, Zenica, Zvornik, Zivinice and Tuzla.

Beside participants, members of the host organization have participated at this school, representatives of the youth center IPAK Simin Han, Tuzla.

This summer school had educative character, and important difference from previous was that participants worked in groups and had the chance to do something useful. Results were three mutual projects: “Education of the web design team” (work group from the workshop “Internet”), “Mobile Eco campaign” (work group from the workshop “Ecology”) and “Prevention against AIDS” 9work group from the workshop “Planning and campaign starting”). A year later some of these projects have been implemented entirely.


Summer Schools hCa Youth Network B&H
“Media and promotion of the youth organizations”

On the evaluation question made by the hCa Youth network coordinators, in order to improve quality of the future network activities (meetings, schools, workshops, seminars, campaigns and bulletins), participants gave following answers:

On the question why have you decided to participate at the summer school “Media and the promotion of the youth organization”, we have received following most common answers: “I want to improve my knowledge”, “primarily because of the other young people from whole B&H”, “to spend time with other young people regardless were they are from”, “mostly because of the topics which are very interesting”, “I want to learn about network activities and persons involved in the project”, “to be able to help my organization to interact with media easier”, “to connect my organization with other similar organizations and further mutual cooperation”.

On the question what were your expectations from this school and content of the program fulfilled your expectations, participants gave following answers: “these topics require more than few days to learn”, “workshop excided my expectations, and it could have been even better if we had more computers”, “I am totally satisfied”, “I have expected concrete work on internet but even without it workshop was more that satisfying”, “workshop gave me new knowledge's regarding media, and program was good”, “workshops were good but I did expected more seriousness from participants'. “It would be good to introduce more practical work”.

On the question which topics should we do on some future workshops, participants gave following answers: “fundraising and project writing”, “communication between organizations”, “drug abuses”. “Bring donors on workshops”, “Internet and computers”, “video workshops”, “I think we should improve knowledge we have acquired here”, “risky behavior of young people (drug abuses, alcoholism, smoking)”, “photography, art workshops, workshops on NGO management, public speaking”, “literary workshops, or some other art workshops, workshops on overcoming young people problems, in order to help us prevent catastrophic consequences”,

On the question did you establish some concrete cooperation on this summer school which will improve the work of your organization (idea exchange, projects, cooperation on a mutual project), participants gave following answers: “there were some talk about further cooperation of youth centers, I have exchange addresses and phone numbers in order to achieve concrete cooperation and head on to mutual projects”, “seminars like this one are helping to connect so it was this time”, “off course this has greatly contributed to my organization”, “Yes, I am happy with the motivation of young people to expand and to do mutual project”.





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