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During 1999/2001 we have organized 4 six day and 3 five day workshops/trainings from nonviolent communication and conflict resolution, as a part of the project Leaders.

Workshop/trainings in period 1999/2000 took place in Lakstasi (May 1999); Modrac (September 1999); Prijedor (December 1999); Bugojno (January 2000). At the same time we have organized radio shows in cities were we organized these workshop/trainings. Young training participants were guests of these radio shows and had the opportunity to transfer their experiences from training to wider public.

Aim of the project was to provide the possibility of cooperation and strengthening of personality, creating an starting point for reconciliation process, team work development, rising awareness on human rights, relief of prejudice and understanding and accepting emotion.
Encouraging wide circle of young people which are not connected to youth organizations to learn about their work and possibilities of involvement.

Through media promote the need for the development of stabile youth organizations which will have an effect on forming of the public opinion and promote active involvement of young people in resolution of their problems.
Building capacities of youth organizations and its members as well as empowering of their mutual work in youth network.

During 2000/2001 we have organized three workshop as a part of this project. Workshops took place in Zenica (September 2000); Doboj (December 2000) and Bugojno (April 2001). Aims of the continuation of this project have been slightly changed compared to previous years:
- Development of conscience of young people which are carriers of different initiatives
- Improving knowledge and skills for active involvement of young people in to development of civil society
- Establishment of knew contacts, improvement of communication and cooperation, which provides peace stabilization and reconstruction of civil society in B&H long-term
- Respecting own personality, other people and their rights – development of own confidence
- Giving advantage to dialogue and seeking mutual interests and goals in conflict situations, not sticking to own opinions which are leading to enrooted conflicts which are difficult to solve
- Openness and willingness to approach conflict resolution in peaceful way, not using force
- Realizing what they want and can do for themselves, organization in which they are active and society they are living in
- Building and strengthening capacities of independent youth organizations across B&H

During 2001/2002 aims remained same but the project transcended youth network B&H, since it has included active involvement of young people from political parties.
From 1999 till 2002 230 youth activists have participated on trainings, those are members of youth organizations, political parties involved in activities of youth network B&H.

Trainers on these workshops of nonviolent communication and conflict resolution were Benjamin Delahmetovic from organization “Sezam”, Zenica and Sanela Pasic from Helsinki Citizens assembly Banja Luka.

This project was realized with the support of Westminster Foundation for Democracy from Great Britain.




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