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We started with implementation of election campaign of Youth Network in BiH, within the project "Youth and Local Authorities 2002". For that purpose we printed series of posters, stickers and certain number of T-shirts with election messages of youth. The aim of this campaign is to motivate young people to go on elections, but at the same time message of young people of BiH to older voters and political parties related for elections. During last week, members of youth organisations of Youth Newtrok covered walls with posters and stickers in: Banja Luka, Una-Sana Canton, Podrinje, North East Bosnia, Sarajevo region, Brcko District of BiH and Mostar region (including cities: Citluk, Posusje, Ljubuski). We will use this opportunity to praise new members CROATIAN ACADEMIC COMMUNITY (HAZ) IN FEDERATION BIH - UNIVERSITY ORGANISATION MOSTAR that were very active in organisation of youth election camapign in region of Herzegovina. Citizens accepted campaign on very good way, since it has provocative messages, but also it was accepted by representatives of authorities (Federal Parliamnet, local authorities, etc.) The campaign was continued on Day of election silence, when we hanged up more posters in BiH cities.

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