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Pocetna Historijat Bilten O nama Clanice mreze
(Network history)

The project (history) of the Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Youth Network in B&H is the youth's project that started with an active work in 1997 on initiative and co-ordination of the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly (hCa) Organisations from Banja Luka and Tuzla. The lack of contacts and co-operations between the youth organisations in B&H has motivated us to start with this initiative. Before that, the attention of many organisations and donors was directed toward the citizen's initiatives, refugee organisations and female groups, so the youths as the special social grope were ignored for a long period of time. Our basic idea was to connect the youth's initiatives (independent organisations, informal groups and individuals) from the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to work on their strengthening, support in implementation of their projects, activities and ideas. A special attention for developing of this project we have directed toward the young people that live in a small communities and cities in B&H.

Many youth networks and the roof organisations were existing before the war in B&H. Today, seven years after signing of the Dayton peace agreement, the youths in B&H still have a problem with making mutual contacts and communications. We believe that throw establishing and strengthening a regular contacts can be reduced the consequences of hostility, hate, nationalistic tensions and conflicts.

The Youth Network presently gather 150 organisations and a few individuals (theatre, music, sport, ecology, students initiatives, human rights protection, education) from the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are as follows: Banovici, Banja Luka, Bihac, Bijeljina, Bosanski Petrovac, Bratunac, Brcko, Bugojno, Derventa, Doboj, Donji Vakuf, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Goražde, Gradiška, Gradacac, Jajce, Kakanj, Kladanj, Konjic, Kotor Varoš, Kozarska Dubica, Laktaši, Lipnica, Livno, Ljubace, Maglaj, Milici, Modrica, Mostar, Mrkonjic Grad, Novi Grad (Bosanski Novi), Novi Travnik, Odžak, Prijedor, Ribnik, Rudo, Sanski Most, Sarajevo, Skelani, Srbac, Srbinje, Srebrenica, Srpska Kostajnica, Srpsko Sarajevo, Šipovo, Teslic, Tomislavgrad, Travnik, Trebinje, Tuzla, Vareš, Velika Kladuša, Višegrad, Vlasenica, Zavidovici, Zenica, Zvornik and Živinice (total number of cities: 58)

Throughout our activities at this project up to now, the B&H public was able to see that still exist a good will and energy coming from the youths, to meet each other, to talk and work together on building their oven future in B&H.

Strategy for the further work:

Strategic developing and working within the project of the Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next period is as follows:

- Constant work on education of the youth organisations/network members;
- Organising of the public events (youth meetings, conferences, theatre and music festivals);
- Advancement of exchanging information and communication between the youths (internet, e-mail);
- Work on development relationships with public (campaigns, was page, media promotion);
- Interactive support to the youth organisations/network members (establishing of teams for support);
- Establishing and developing of network co-ordination (establishing and strengthening of the program areas/network sector);
- Work with the political structures in the local communities (education, public tribunes, appeal for support)
- Work on the network advancement (TNT magazine, the monthly informational bulletin);
- Work on analysing of the present resources within network (data base, analyses and researching);
- Regular planing and evaluation about network activities(evaluation, creating of the action planes);
- Taking The Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the modern youth flows in Europe- with a final goal of joining to The Youth Directorate in the European Council.

Previous activities of hCa The Youth Network in B&H:

In the first phase of this project we organised a two working meetings: June 1997 in Tuzla and July 1997 in Banja Luka. At those two working meetings participated 25 young people from 10 cities from B&H. During those meetings we were talking about the present situation in B&H, situation of youths and their ideas of starting the youth network activities.

Among others, the great activities that we have organised up to now are: three youth's meetings/conferences of hCa Youth Network in B&H; in Laktaši/RS (October 17-19 1997, 60 members from both entities in B&H and abroad), Tuzla / FBiH (February 20-22. 1998, 90 members from B&H, SR Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries), Teslic/RS (October 15-18 1998, 80 members from B&H and SR Yugoslavia). In September 1999 we have organised summer school "Media and promotion of the youth organisations in B&H" held in Brcko District. Within the mentioned summer school there were organised a three educational workshops about Internet, contacts with the journalists and using TV and radio as means in order that massages sent by youths reach the public, and promotion of the youth's activities by the media. In September 2000 we have organised II Summer School of hCa The Youth Network held in Tuzla, with topic: "Internet-Ecology -Campaigns", which also had a three educational workshops about the mentioned topic. Participants at this Summer school have made a several joint projects that afterwards were accomplished through the co-operation of their youth groups. Beside the mentioned, we have organised a spring cultural festival of hCa The Youth Network in B&H with name: "Friendship bridges 99" (May 27-30.1999.g.) held in Mostar. Organisation of this festival was supported by: Centre for Culture Mostar, National Theatre Mostar, Music Centre "Pavarotti" Mostar. At this festival participated around 80 representatives of the youth organisations and groups from B&H that occupied by music and theatre, representatives of other youth organisations from the network, representatives of The Youth Council from Denmark and "FAJABEFA" from Denmark.
Beside these youth gatherings, in the previous period we have organised activities as follows:

Sixteen editions of TNT The Youth magazine, which has been distributed by the youth organisations/network members, as well as contacts and the youth's initiatives in area of Former Yugoslavia, with the basic goal that youths in the region get knowledge about situation in our country and information about all topics which concern the youths. At the present, the magazine is prepared by the youths from The Youth Centre "Kastel" Banja Luka. Since last year TNT magazine is officially included in "The Union of Balkan Magazines"- one of the joint project within the Citizen's Pact for the Southeast Europe.

We have organised two small workshops for the youths: Mostar, July 1998 "The youths role in the media" and Modrica, December 1998 "Developing of capacities in the youth organisations and the youth's human rights".

In the period August-September 1998, we have organised pre-election poster campaign, with the aim to encourage young people to vote. Within this campaign we printed out 6000 posters that were glued at the schools, faculties and other places in 20 B&H cities on the day of pre-election silence. The messages at posters were prepared and designed by the youths on the way of open competition.

During the summer in 1988 we have organised leaving around 20 youngsters from B&H to SIDU 6 (Summer School for the international understanding and dialog) held in Prague (Czech Republic) and Arzano (France). Topics of those summer schools were "Identity, minorities and conflicts" (Prague)," Identity, citizenship and conflict" (Arzano).

During the period July-August 1988 we have organised T-shirt campaign under the name: "Tolerance between youths in B&H". The main message of this youth campaign was that tolerance between youths in B&H is still present no matter on divides created by the national and political leaders. Within this campaigns it was printed out 1500 shirts that distributed throughout the youth organisations/network members. As addition for support of this campaign the youth organisations were promoting campaign goals at the appearances on the local radio stations and other media in their cities.

We succeeded to provide a small donation for five the youth organisations from Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Teslic, Bihac, Banja Luka, and Ribnik, by foundation "Haella Stichtung" from Holland. Using this means some of them succeeded to officially register their organisations. We hope that in the next period we would be able to lobby the additional means needed for support of the other youth groups, especially those from the small cities.

By the beginning of 1999 has established the Co-ordination Board of the hCa Youth Network in B&H. Within its work 14 members of the youth organisations from B&H are actively included. The goal for establishing of this body is improving communication between the network members and providing continuity in planing of the mutual activities and activities of the network members. The codex and working rules of this body had been established and it actively works on improving co-ordination and planing the active participation of all network members in exchanging information and activities..

During the may 1999 we started with publishing the monthly information bulletin of hCa The Youth Network in B&H, with the aim to promote and report the working activities of the network organisations. These bulletins are printed in local and English language. They are distributed by mail and e-mail to the over 1000 addresses of the local and an international organisations, which work with the youths in B&H and abroad. So far we have a huge interest regarding this bulletin and we received support and the positive critics from the many organisations from B&H and abroad. Up to now we published 38 editions of the monthly information bulletin, and in the next period we plan to continue with publishing as well as improving its contests and quality.

During the period 1999/2000 within the project "Leaders" we have organised a 6 workshops/training(six-days each) about non-violate communication and solving conflicts. The aim of this project is learning about the procedures for peace building and improving the youth activists in B&H. Around 120 youth activists from all part of B&H have participated at this workshops, which were organised in Laktaši, Modracko Jezero8Tuzla), Bugojno, Prijedor, Zenica and Doboj..

During 2000 in Zenica (March) and Teslic (October) we have organised a two workshops about the writing projects and fundraising. Around 40 members from the youth organisations in B&H have participated at this workshops and by that occasion they received the basic knowledge about the writing project's proposals, checking of community needs and contacts with donors. After the workshops finished, we organised two follow-ups for participants: in Doboj (May) and Banja Luka (December). Participants were putting the finishing touches on project proposals of their organisations on which they have been working on after the workshop, and had a chance to ask additional questions.

During 2000 we have also organised a two workshops about journalism: in Doboj (May) and Šipovo (December). The first workshop was about the basic things in journalism (story, reports, article), and at the second workshop the youths who have affinity to write and work on the youth magazines in their cities, had a chance to learn something more about a technical editing of newspapers. Around 40 young people from the whole B&H have participated at the mentioned workshops, and most of those were people from the youth organisations that have their local youth newspaper a well as people who are writing or editing TNT-youth magazine.

We have organised a three workshops about the strategic planing of work in hCa The Youth Network in B&H; firs in Kulaši (Prnjavor)- July 1999, second in Laktaši- September 2002 and third in Zlaca-July 2002. Around 40 members from the youth organisations in B&H have participated at these workshops as well as the members of Co-ordination Council of Network and Co-ordinations of developing network centres. Result of these workshops was the strategic plan of work and development of hCa The Youth Network in the next period.

We continued preparations for the re-organisation of work in The Youth Network B&H. Within that we organised a workshop of strategic planing in Zlaca, 01-04. July. At this workshop was present 14 representatives from the youth organisations-network members. During the workshop the participants were working on planing further work and re-organisation of the work of hCa The Youth Network with directions as follows:

hCa The Youth Network change its name in The Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Youth Network is transforming in accordance with the program's area of work and not toward the territorial of regional dividing as it was until now.

Non-government organisations: Helsinki Citizen's assembly Banja Luka ( and Helsinki Citizen's Assembly Tuzla ( from now on will be a logistical support; they will support exchanging information in network and working on strengthening capacities of the network's program area of work in accordance with their resources and capacities.

They were identified organisations, groups and individuals that have potential to participate and take responsibilities-initiate development of some program area of the Youth Network in B&H, which also invite all interested to join in work depend of the program areas that they are deal with, to develop a program areas and fulfil better results in community:

Culture: UNS GETO Banja Luka, contact person: Ljiljana Predragovic,

Protection of life environment: The young research workers Banja Luka, contact person: Miroslav Trninic,

Human rights, children rights: The Youth Centre Kastel, contact person: Ilija Trninic,

Informal education: Omladinski komunikativni centar Banja Luka, contact person: Jelena Savanovic,, AEGEE Sarajevo, contact person: Amir Avdagic,

Prevention HIV/AIDS-a and drug addiction: Mladi protiv side Sarajevo, contact person: Elis Hrkalovic,

Psychosocial work and work with the children with a special needs: Omladinski Centar Kastel Banja Luka, contact person: Ilija Trninic

Logistic support: Helsinki Citizen's Assembly Banja Luka and Tuzla, Bojana Mijic, and Miralem Tursinovic,

Network development: Amir Avdagic,, Gordana, Jelena Maksimovic,, Ruzmir Avdic,, Danijel Dragicevic,, Igor Jankovic,, Miso Kenjic,, Srdjan Milic,, Ivana Milovic,

We have organised a two summer schools of hCa The Youth Network in B&H(Brcko 1999, Tuzla 2000), where we educated the young people-network members about a different topics (journalism, internet, planing, running campaigns, public advocacy , etc.)

In February 2001 we have organised the youth conference in Travnik with the name "The Youth and Politic?!". At this conference, except the representatives from the youth organisations from B&H, were participated the young people- representatives of youths from the political parties in B&H. During this conference, the young people were talking about topic such as: "Election 2000 - experiences of youths in B&H and neighbour countries", "Co-operation of the youngsters from NGOs and youngsters from the political parties" and "Media and propaganda".

By the beginning of December 1999 we run the second youth campaign of hCa The Youth Network in B&H, with name "Corruption in B&H". We sent the message what the youths think about a growing problem of corruption. Message was sent toward the political structures, international and local organisations, and other relevant factors but also to the citizens, and for that purpose we used: the radio-jingle that were broadcast during 20 days on around 20 independent radio stations in B&H, new-year greeting cards (3000 copies) and stickers (5000 copies) distributed by the mail and the youth organisations and groups wide B&H. The aim of this campaign, except the clear message, was also promotion of the work of hCa The Youth Network in B&H and the youth organisations-network members. We believe that fight against corruption is the key factor for strengthening of democratic procedures in B&H.

In October and November 2000 we have organised "The Citizen's pre-election campaign 2000". Within this campaign we printed out 4000 posters with the messages on it that made by youths in B&H. This posters with the messages and provocative look were challenging youths in B&H to vote. During the Bus Tour around B&H, which lasted 20 days and covered more then 20 cities in B&H, these posters were stick at the BH cities by the young people -members of the youth organisations. According to the free estimates at this tour participated over 3000 youths in B&H.. Also, we printed out 10 000 post cards with the same messages, which we were delivering at the street of B&H cities as well as sending them by mail toward all government structures, individuals in B&H, NGOs (local and international).

In addition to this campaign in April 2001 we run the "After-election campaign". With the name "We voted-what now" we started with sticking of posters with a same message (10.04. at 12:00 hrs in 23 BH cities simultaneously). After that we have organised a public youth debates in Tuzla, Banja Luka and Sarajevo. Topic at all three debates were an actual youth's problems in B&H, with a special designation about an urgent local problems (education, unemployment, increasing of drug addiction and prostitution, corruption, increasing of crime and violence, emigration of youths from B&H). By the end of June within this campaign a group of young people- representatives of hCa The Youth Network in B&H was in the working visit in Holland, where many interesting and useful contacts have been made (Loesje, Press Now, CORDAID, IKV, ATAK Tilburg, Amnesty International). For the end of this campaign we printed out messages on T-shirts.

On beginning of September in 2001 we have started a new series of the local youth campaigns in B&H cities, with the contemporary support at the global level(press conferences, petitions, lobbying, sending letters toward officials in B&H). Campaign topics are problems of the youth organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the biggest of them are: Lack of working space, Lack of co-operation, communication and understanding of the municipal authorities and Lack of the community interest for some of the mentioned problems. Until now we implemented 11 of those campaigns in: Banja Luka, Bihac, Una-Sana Canton, Sarajevo, and Srpsko Sarajevo, Tuzla, Prijedor, Odžak and Modrica, Kakanj, Zvornik, Milici and Derventa. Results of this campaign are very good. In many B&H cities the youth organisations have succeeded to return back their spaces or to get from the municipality a new rent-free space for use. Beside this, by campaign we have succeeded to raise a question of the youth's spaces(youth centres, cultural centres) and their present legal status at the global level. These campaigns are sill going on, and as continuation of cycles we plan to run a series of the youth campaigns, which topic would be lack of co-operation from the local authorities. One of concrete result of this campaign is co-operation with SOROS Open Society Fund Sarajevo and The Youth Informative Organisation Sarajevo, with whom we signed a co-operation contract. Within this, OIA And SOROS have provided additional means for the youth organisations- campaign bears, for equipping their spaces and continuation of campaign. Also, we found on a good respond and support of OSCE in B&H and its democratic centres as well as the Political Resource Centres.

During 2002 we have started project "The Youth and Local Authorities 2002" with its aim: creating of healthy environment for the work of the local youth organisations in a small cities in B&H; creating some kind of "partnership" between the youth organisations and local authorities; increasing interests of youths in the youth's activism; increasing participation of the youths in creating of the local politic that connected with the youth activism; increasing quality of a democratic education of youths etc.. Within this project, for the period April-June in Podrinje region(Zvornik, Bijeljina, Bratunac, Srebrenica, Milici, Vlasenica, Skelani), together with our partner- The Youth Club "Sunce" Zvornik we implemented activities as follows: making of situation analysis based on collected information from the field, regular meetings with the youth organisations and local authorities, workshop with topics: design of the messages at the posters and leaflets; public advocating and lobbying; public debate/tribune at which participated youths and politicians; and campaign with title "Po(d)sjetimo vlast" . Within the mentioned campaign we held the meetings with all political parties in region, printed out a series leaflets and posters. A similar activities we almost accomplished in other region (Teslic, Doboj, Tešanj, Derventa, Modrica, Odžak, Banovici), and partner is Omladinski Savez Teslic. In this region we also made a two series of posters, one series of stickers and T-shirt campaign, which had a two aims: to motivate young people to vote and at the same time to pass the message of the youths toward political parties and authorities. For the end of this year cycle we plane to organise The Youth Conference. This project we will continue in next year as well, covering regions: Una-San Canton and part of RS (Banja Luka, Prijedor) and Srednja Bosna Region (Sarajevo, Zenica, Visoko, Kakanj, Gornji Vakuf, Donji Vakuf, Bugojno, Travnik)

In May 2002 within the project Integration of B&H we held the conference together with The Forum of Tuzla Citizens, hCa Banja Luka and The Centre for Citizen Co-operation Livno. The conference topic was: "Bosnia and Herzegovina and European standards - How B&H would go to Europe?" At the conference one workshop was dedicated to the youths and on this workshop participated representatives from the youth organisation in B&H and representatives of the youths from the political parties. Introductor at this workshop was Mss Emina Ganic - political adviser and assistant of The Specal representative of the General Secretary of European Council in B&H. At the workshop was discussed about the present situation of the youth organisations in B&H as well as a possibilities for their joining to the Youth Directorate at European Council..

During 1999 we started co-operation with the Danish Youth Council (DUF) about a youth exchanges between Denmark and B&H and preparation of the joint projects. Also, we have made a good co-operation with numerous youth organisations and initiatives from Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia with the aim of joint works and projects within initiative "The Citizen's Pact for stability in Southeast Europe".

We actively participate in support of idea for The Local Youth Councils, and also co-operate with the youth organisations and organisations that deal with the youth's problems. Within this co-operation we were participating in organising The Youth Fairs held in Sarajavo 2002 and Mostar 2001 together with the youth organisations: "Nešto više" Sarajevo, CARE International and SHL Sarajevo.

The Youth Magazine TNT has joined to the regional initiative for establishing The Union of Balkan Magazines as a part of The Citizen's Pact together with other members such as: ZID-Podgorica, Magazine KLIK Macedonia, Balkanite from Bulgaria And FORUM from Priština. Within this activity in each edition of TNT magazine we publish addition "Balkan Info" that contain texts exchanged with the mentioned magazines.

We run an initiative of promoting the youth's activities by the monthly youth radio programs at the local radio stations in B&H. This radio broadcasts have justified as space for the youth groups to promote their activities and talk about an actual youth problems in local community such as follows: an economical and social position of youths, education, emigration of youths to other countries and etc. Until now the mentioned radio programs were broadcast in the next cities: Tuzla, Banja Luka, Zvornik, Srbac, Sanski Most, Šipovo, Zenica, Brcko Ravne, Bihac, Bosanska Krupa, Brcko Distrikt and Sarajevo.

We have made co-operation with The Netherlands organisation LOESJE, which in 2002 held a several workshops for the youths in B&H. At those workshops members of the youth organisations from B&H had chance to learn many things about design campaign messages, design poster messages etc.

All the mentioned activities we would not be able to accomplish without hearty support given by our donors and sponsors:

Zeusters Franciscanessen (The Netherlands),
European Union (PHARE Program),
National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Washington D.C. (USA),
USAID Tuzla,
Tuzla Municipality,
Holland Embassy Sarajevo,
Open Society Fund - Soros Foundation Sarajevo,
USAID/OTI Banja Luka,
Haella Stichtung/ The Netherlands,
Olof Palme International Centre Sweden,
Westminister Fondation-Great Britain,
Hivos The Netherlands,
CORDAID The Netherlands ,
PRESS NOW The Netherlands,
Interchurh Peace Council (IKV),
OSCE Democratisation Centre Tuzla
OSCE Political Resource Centre Tuzla


continuation of work on the regular network activities;
continuation of campaign for 2002/2003 : "The Youth and Local Authorities 2002"
activities on network reorganising from the regional toward interest (program) structure.

hCa The Youth Network in B&H is informal group of non-partial organisations, groups, and individuals that work on fulfilling needs of the youths in entities, actively including them into developing of a democratic values and strengthening of the civilian society.

Aims of the project
The basic aims of this project are:
Promotion of a democratic values and needs of the young people and their organisations;
Improving knowledge and skills for the active participation of the youths into procedures of developing the citizen's society;
Improving communication and a mutual support of network;
Improving co-ordination and planing in network.

Bojana Mijic, Miralem Tursinovic
co-ordinations in The Youth Network in B&H





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