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The Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (hCa) is an international network of civic initiatives, movements, social and political groups in East and West, working for the democratic integration of Europe. hCa's main goal is to articulate and promote views, interests, and political visions of civil society in the Helsinki region about European integration and the problems Europe is confronted with. Discussion about integration of and the problems in Europe cannot take place at the level of national governments alone: society has to be involved as well. hCa wants to widen the debate about Europe beyond the level of the political elites.

The international secretariat is established in Prague (Czech Republic), and there is a Western Liaison Office in The Hague (The Netherlands). There are national branches of hCa in allmost all European countries. Since hCa wants to create effective guarantees for freedom, democracy and respect of human rights in Europe, including the protection of all kinds of civic initiatives, special attention is paid to conflict regions. In particular, hCa supports courageous people who are struggling to keep civic virtues alive in situations of war, chaos and oppression


On April 8, 1995, hCa officially opened its office in Tuzla. Since that time, the hCa office in Tuzla has been actively involved in promoting, strengthening and linking civil initiatives in Tuzla and BiH.
We co-operate intensively with the hCa offices in Sarajevo (opened in 1993) and in Banja Luka (opened in 1996). Furthermore does the hCa Tuzla office cooperates closely with the Forum of Tuzla Citizens, the Citizens Alternative Parliament and various other local organisations.


1. The strengthening and linking of civic initiatives in different towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. hCa Tuzla has made contacts with various civic initiatives in BiH. hCa Tuzla aims to support and promote their activities, to get them in contact with other partners, to assist them in organising themselves etc. We also implemented and initiated several networks (women, youth) and have organised many conferences and seminars that brought people from all over BiH together. In a joint effort with the Banja Luka hCa office, many contacts between people from different "entities" have been (re)established by hCa Tuzla.

2. Producing regular reports and articles about the perspectives of civil society, the political and social situation and human rights situation in BiH. These reports are being sent to various partners, civic initiatives, governments, European institutions etc.

3 hCA Tuzla functions as a contact point and intermediary for a lot of organisations and individuals (journalists, NGO's, municipalities, schools, hCa-offices, politicians, etc.) in both Tuzla and abroad. In practice this means identifying concrete projects in Tuzla that are in need of partners from abroad, assisting counterparts from abroad by answering queries, facilitating communication with various local organisations, organising delegations to Tuzla, etc. hCa Tuzla also gives technical assistance in the way that local groups can make use of the fax, computers and international telephonelines in the hCa office.

4. Actively promoting international co-operation on reconstruction-projects in Tuzla. hCa Tuzla has for example been actively involved in the establishment of "Dutch Cities for Tuzla". This organisation is a combined effort of local initiatives, NGO's, local governments etc. in Tuzla and the Netherlands. By implementing nine integrated projects, Dutch Cities for Tuzla aims to work on the economic, social and cultural reconstruction and welfare of Tuzla and its citizens.


One of the main events the hCa organised in BiH was the General Assembly in Tuzla in October 1995. hCa holds a General Assembly approximately every 18 months. It is an international gathering of about 1,000 activists from all over Europe, North America and beyond. A wide range of workshops and plenary sessions provide a forum to discuss HCA-policy, to assess hCa activities, and to develop new projects. The topics of the workshops include humanitarian intervention, women's issues, citizenship laws, civic economics, non-violent conflict resolution, inter-confessional dialogue, the role of media in conflicts, etc. From October 19 until 22, 1995 the General hCa Assembly was held in the city of Tuzla. Even though the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina was at that time still going on, 600 people from the former Yugoslavia, Europe and North America came to Tuzla and participated at the Assembly. These participants represented international organisations, national governments, municipalities, and of course all kinds of civic initiatives. Aside from discussing the normal hCa-topics, we focused on the role the international community and civic initiatives from both Bosnia-Herzegovina and abroad) can play in the solution of the conflict in Bosnia.

After this Assembly numerous contacts of between civic groups have been established and continued. This resulted among others in the establishment of the Citizen’s Alternative Parliament (CAP), a network of civic groups all over BiH. CAP was established by Forum of Tuzla Citizens and hCa is the international partner of CAP.

Some other activities of hCa Tuzla are:

- In close co-operation with hCa Banja Luka and Sarajevo, hCa Tuzla organised three women’s conferences (Zenica - June 1996) (Banja Luka - December 1996) (Mostar - July 1997).

- With hCa Banja Luka we set up a Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which at the moment gathering more then 150 youth organizations and individuals from all over the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- We are actively engaged in establishing an independent cultural centre/theatre in Tuzla and we have organised trips for various theatres to theatres in The Netherlands. In 1998, representatives of Dutch theatres will give various workshops in Tuzla.

- We have facilitated and supported many contacts between Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic Srpska (between students, theatres, universities, schools, civic activists, Roma etc.)

- We have facilitated and/or organised various Bosnian delegations to other countries in Europe.

- We have initiated many contacts between local groups in Tuzla and abroad.

- Together with our co-partner “Sae Roma”, we have organised two big Roma conferences and one Roma night in Tuzla. hCa Tuzla and Sae Roma have received a grant enabling us to work for three years on various projects to improve living standards and position of Roma in BiH.

- hCa offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina organised two seminars under the title “After Dayton”. One concerned the legal aspects of Dayton (Sarajevo, Jan 1997) and one on relationship between local NGO’s and international community in BiH in rebuilding civil society in BiH (Banja Luka, July 1997)

- Co-organised participation of Bosnians in summerschools of Helsinki Citizen's Assembly International.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact one of the hCa Tuzla staff-members:


hCa Tuzla
Hadzi Bakirbega Tuzlica 1,
75000 TUZLA, BiH
Tel./fax. ++387 (0)35 258 077

Contact Persons:

Contact persons:
Miralem Tursinović direktor
Mirjana Stameković-Tursinović program manager
Boško Vlajić program manager
Slobodan Blagovčanin program assistent

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